Lauren Langlois

Meet Lauren Langlois, Periodontist in Lafayette

Education & Credentials


Louisiana State University School of Dentistry; New Orleans, LA


Biological Sciences, LSU; Baton Rouge, LA

Specialty Certificate

Periodontics, LSU School of Dentistry; New Orleans, LA


As a specialist in periodontics, it is my goal to provide patients with exceptional periodontal care and ensure you have a comfortable treatment experience.


I was born and raised in South Louisiana and attended LSU for my undergraduate studies, dental school, and three-year residency. My favorite pastimes are cooking, spending time with family, hiking, and painting.


LSU School of Dentistry Dean's Award, Graduated summa cum laude, LSU University Medalist, American Academy of Periodontology Outstanding Achievement Award, Honors in Dental Research Recipient of Dr. William S. Kramer Award of Excellence from OKU Society

Professional Associations

American Academy of Periodontology, Louisiana Dental Association, American Dental Association

Volunteer/Service Experience

International Dental Mission Trips


My guilty pleasure is ordering Starbucks instead of making coffee at home.

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